Bali 2017

November was my first time going to Bali, I think it is the furthest place I’d ever travelled to. Its funny to think this time last year I was too scared to get on a plane to go to London from Jersey (40 min flight)

I flew with Guarada Indonesia which Id never heard of before but turned out to be one of the best flights I’ve ever had (probably because we flew business) We flew from London to Jakarta which was 14 hours so the upgrade was so worth it, then hopped on a quick flight from Jakarta to Bali . We had a driver waiting for us once we got there which I’d recommend doing as it’s abit hectic once you arrive in the arrivals terminal

I was there for about a month so won’t take you through everything I did but here is a a little guide of my fave things to do/where to eat in the places I stayed etc

Bali guide 2016!

We got bikes with our villas but its a good idea to get a car if your going a little further (going to waterfalls or changing location etc)

What to do
Waterfalls –
Day out on Sunny the pirate ship –
Heli ride with AirBali – best way to see Bali!

where to eat
Good breakfast spots – crate cafe, Kynd community, canteen for the best coffee
PELETON – I think I ate here everyday Breafkast/lunch/dinner
The Lawn – dinner/drinks at sunset
Di Maria – Italian food & great vibe
Luigis (I think its called?) best pizza I think I’ve ever had
Aya street – my favourite restaurant in Bali. Also do the best cocktails

where to stay

The edge Uluwatu –

Vassini stay – Canggu great location, close to everything,115.130781,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x2dd23879c9d956b7:0xa90afe556cf0f900!8m2!3d-8.652971!4d115.131064

Villa Manggo –

Villa h20 –

Leaving Bali wasn’t quite as luxurious as getting there.. The volcano erupted & the airport closed so I ended up getting a 15 hour bus to Java so I could fly to Jakarta & then Sydney. It was one of the weirdest, scariest experiences of my life but I met the kindest Indonesian girl (my driver Joel’s girlfriend) who stayed with me for the whole journey & even dropped me off at the airport before going to her school in Java.


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