Greece – Mykonos & Santorini

Greece Guide

Myykonos Guide

Where to stay –
Votsalaki Resort Mykonos; a boutique style hotel/apartments. Affordable.
Cavo Tagoo Mykonos (more expensive but amazing)

What to do –
Explore the island; the old town
Late lunch at Nammos
Drinks at Scorpios
Dinner at Ling Ling Hakkasan in the old town
Drinks at Astra (go very late) – posh bar/club in the old town just around the corner from Ling Ling

Santorini Guide

We got the ferry to Santorini. It was about a 4 hour journey I think. You can just book your tickets online or buy them in the town in Mykonos.

Santorini really shocked me, it was totally different to what I was imagining it to be like. It is beautiful but its hectic!

We wanted to shoot some photos and avoid the crowds so we got up at 4am and shot at sunrise but even then some of the wedding photoshoots had started. You won’t believe how busy it is until you see it!

There is really not much to do at all apart from sit in the sun & enjoy the views – probably why its such a great honeymoon spot!

Places to stay –
Canaves oia – website link

Sunset villas – small walk from oia village (the hill with the pretty white buildings where everyone shoots their Instagram photos lol)
website link

I think the best way to do Santorini is either fly direct & have a expensive few days where you stay in 5* hotel (with private access) or you can go to Mykonos, ferry there for a couple of days and stay somewhere cheaper and still experience the beauty of it 🙂

I can’t wait to spend some more time in Greece next summer!

Watch my friends video of our trip –

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